Erica Neumann is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and has been painting since 1983.

Neumann is well known for her striking oil paintings of bears and other Canadian wildlife with eyes that, some say, seem to look right at you. Erica uses energetic brushwork and saturated color intentionally, eliciting admiration for both the subject, and the paint – thick paint, thin paint, shiny paint. While she waits for that paint to dry, Erica talks about it instead, to whoever will listen, as an Art Instructor in Calgary, Okotoks, The Rockies and the Foothills.








Neumann’s animals now live worldwide, in Britain, Germany, and Australia to name a few. Well known collectors include Barbara Bush and Ken Read. Neumann Black Bear Cubs are on display in a unique outdoor public art gallery, Artisan Gardens at Fish Creek, and Blondie, a griz, was published in a wonderful new book by Jane Lytton Gooch, “Bow Lake – Wellspring of Art”.


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