Ellen was born and raised in the small coastal community of Campbell River. As the daughter of a commercial fisherman she has a long and direct connection with the sea and with nature which inspires her whimsical forms and designs. Ellen discovered pottery quite accidentally in 1984 while enrolled in the Fine Arts Diploma Program at Malaspina College in Nanaimo BC. Like so many others, she became quickly addicted to clay . She was often the last to leave the ceramics building at night, and the first to arrive in the morning. After receiving her diploma, she returned to Campbell River and continued her art education and work in Raku at North Island College. My dad lit the fire of my imagination with his wild tales of “what he had seen at the wharf that day”. Giant things, fantastic things, and even some scary things all came out of the sea to speak with my Dad. That definitely explains the crocodile phase!


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