Laura Salisbury paints primarily in acrylic. Her painting foundation in watercolor continues to influence her style today, evident in washes of diluted paint and in the conscious effort to leave exposed some of the underpainting of canvas, to help it glow. Laura’s work has evolved but still shows the in-depth observation evident in her previous realistic work. Today her paintings show a more minimalist approach to rendering the subject, using a limited monochromatic palette and glazing techniques to evoke a sense of mood or emotion. Textured mediums and metallic paints are stimulating further experimentation. Laura’s paintings are less about telling a story than they are of expressing a feeling – often calm, quiet, soft. For whatever reason an image or object evokes an emotion or delight or closer scrutiny, she says it spurs her desire to paint it rather than to explain it. Laura still relies on some solid construct of the image and composition, but enjoys finding her way by emphasizing texture or lines to completion. Laura received art education at the University of Saskatchewan. Now living in Kelowna, she has taken advantage of studio programs at OUC, at the Kelowna Art Gallery and has participated in various workshops with a number of distinguished artists. Laura’s work has been shown at Innovation Place University of Saskatchewan, at Rotary Center for the Arts, at the Kelowna Art Gallery, at group shows with Impressions in private collections.



  1. Richard Lamoureux
    October 21, 2017

    Laura’s work has an otherworly feel to it. These paintings are quite beautiful. I would be very curious to see some of her abstract paintings.

    Richard Lamoureux
    Kelowna BC

  2. Audrey Goran
    January 26, 2017

    Please call me when you have a few minutes

    236 420 2120 Love to have a chat and if possible get together for coffee somewhere in between where we each live Audrey Goran

    • admin
      January 27, 2017

      Are you asking for Laura’s telephone number or that of the Gallery?


  3. Audrey Goran
    January 26, 2017

    can you please send me your telephone number so we can have a chat and maybe a visit together before we move back to south surrey Audrey

  4. David Leskowski
    March 1, 2014

    See I told you that professor was wrong. You paint in your style and that can never be better..


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