Dianne has always enjoyed a love for the arts and in particular painting. Opportunity to travel and view art both local and abroad fueled a growing desire to explore new creative directions, particularly painting. In her earlier years as wife, mother and homemaker she followed a career in the field of hairdressing and at the same time filled creative moments with other interests including interior decorating and ceramic work. In 1991 she decided to make time to study drawing and painting through the Federation of Canadian Artist’s Foundation Program. During this time, many other workshops followed and Dianne recognized a growing passion for painting in oils. She loved the tactile quality and immediacy of this medium and felt it best suited her love of surface and color. Dianne’s paintings combine these qualities with an inherent sense of pattern. They often express a naivety of shapes, reconciled with a real strength in colour relationships. Subjects are varied and usually represent something from her day to day experiences in life. The paintings never fail to express her “joie de vie” and outgoing nature. Dianne is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artist’s and enjoys the fellowship and encouragement of many well known Canadian and American artists, continuing to paint and explore new directions in her work.


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