Eduard Gurevich was born in 1969 in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. In 1992, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Ontario.
Since 1993, Eduard has been creating his own art as well as instructing aspiring artists of all ages. His educational background consists of a Degree of Arts from the University of the city of Lvov (Ukraine) and an Illustrator Diploma from Sheridan College (Canada). Eduard is a diverse, original and well-respected artist whose thought-inspiring works convey a variety of themes drawn from his own life experiences and philosophy, as well as the world and people that surround him.

Growing up in Ukraine and moving to Canada has given Gurevich a great inspiration and a lot of subject material for his work. Discovering Canada’s great wealth of natural splendor has also stimulated his interest in painting landscapes which is becoming the most prominent theme in his works. Painting nature for so many years and in a variety of different styles made Eduard realize that capturing his personal thoughts and feelings along with the beauty in front of his eyes is the most important aspect of his painting.

He often outlines images in his work in thin dark lines. It is frequently one of the final steps in which he tries to elevate the energy of the entire piece. Outlined, the colours become brisk and vibrant, and the shapes gain a deeper personality.

Artist Statement: I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors. Fishing and skiing are among those things that we do a lot and can never have enough of. The themes that I draw on in my work include my love for my family, my passion for nature, and the flux of life in which I find more questions than answers. I paint what I see and feel, using my life experiences to guide me on the canvas. Painting forme is the process in which some of my thoughts get a chance to become visible. Therefore, I try to make my work conceptual, inviting one to analyze the embedded meaning in it. Influenced as a child by my father’s art works, painting for me is about self-discovery and self expression. My art is a journey in which I hope to find answers to life’s most difficult and universal questions.

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