“EVERYONE SINGS IN A DIFFERENT COLOR”. Whatever the subject matter, you can be sure her strong impressionistic style comes through and dance with color.

Jacqueline paints in series and collections to keep her passion and ambition fresh. You never know where her muse will take her. Could be back to the rural landscapes or through the urban scapes of Canada or maybe she’ll spend time in the clouds or in the garden. Everyday objects such as vessels, cloths, flowers or fruit can be the target of my creative side. There are no walls to her borders. Her muse may actually just come from the atmosphere of the place that she is visiting at the time.

Born in small town Saskatchewan, Jacqueline has worked and lived in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. She returned to Saskatchewan in the late 1990’s and currently resides in Saskatoon. Jacqueline works out of her home-based studio with her always faithful canine companion and art critic “Bugsy” by her side. Her paintings are represented in private, public and corporate collections Canada including the Legislative Building of the Government of Saskatchewan in Regina.

Artist Statement: I am a disciplined painter, prolific, versatile and experimental with a preference for acrylics on canvas. A confident brush stroke, the swipe of a crayon, intricate pencil or gestural markings, oh, and a touch of fun and energetic spirit bring my story and subjects to life with vibrant colors. My intent is to keep the strokes loose, fluid and spontaneous, basically, just have a bit of fun.

I have worked diligently over the years developing as an artist. I have had the good fortune to study with other professionals and complete the art program at the University of Saskatchewan, My main source of development is my personal work. As part of my creative process, and commitment to my craft, I do something art related every day.

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