Kathi is a BC stone sculptor, working mainly in Alabaster, Soapstone and Marble. From the first moment she was introduced to stone carving almost fifteen years ago, she felt a connection to, and passion for stone. Kathi studied Alabaster carving at the Art Academy of Vancouver and continues her education at the West Coast Stone Sculptors’ annual symposium. Kathi loves the vast spectrum of mineral content found in stones, that produces a variety of colours, bringing life to her work. The texture and tactile aspects of the medium guide her in letting the finished sculpture, be it animal or human (or neither), emerge from the stone, appearing in motion. Kathi has done work for both private and corporate collectors and is represented in BC by the Jenkins Showler Gallery in White Rock, the Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay, Victoria and most recently, by the Towne Gallery in Oakville, Ontario. She also teaches Soapstone carving at local schools and community centres, always eager to inspire a new generation of stone carvers. She is former secretary and current registrar of the West Coast Sculpture Association. Kathi was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and studied French at McMaster University. After mastering four languages, she is happiest letting the stone speak to her to do her most creative work!

kathi Bond

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