Kevin Peters is a self taught sculptor-carver who finds his inspiration where he lives within the mountains of the Southern Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada. He and his wife Leanne live near Loon Lake, where they have a ranch and explore beyond their property on Wild Horse Mountain.

For the past 25 years, Kevin has succeeded in bringing his wildlife surroundings to life in stone. From otters to moose, bears to eagles, it is his passion to capture all animals from sea to sky. Kevin primarily carves in Soapstone, Alabaster and Pyrophyllite, as well as Marble, Limestone, and Antler. Recently he has also focused on a number of sculptures in Bronze, including life size eagles, a cougar, an elk, and a white-tailed deer.

He started carving as a teenager, in the basement of his parents home. Amid all the work on the family farm, he somehow found time to develop his skill, and at the age of just 16, his first piece was sold in a local art gallery. Not much has changed today, as he is still busy balancing the work of his carvings with the work on his ranch. Although his shop is now filled with many modern tools, he still prefers the simplicity of his hammer and chisel.

Kevin gives his work vitality, tactility and movement, characteristics he emphasizes with an unparalleled attention to detail. This skill enables him to create multiple textures, making his eagles, otters and bears a sensuous display of feathers, skin, fur or muscles, enhancing the outstanding realism in his work. Such lifelike detailing in stone and bronze is rarely seen, and has made Kevin a leading wildlife artist in Canada.



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