Linda Willard ~ Linda’s  interest lies in the unexpected but controlled world of alternative firing where ambient temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors add an element of surprise to the final outcome. Linda wants the finished piece to be pleasing to the senses and for the viewer to feel the energy generated in the process of creation. Whether using glazes and the use of combustible materials to create shades and colors, or having the raw clay as the finished surface with the beauty of nature permanently embedded through the firing process, nature plays an important role in her work. Many of Linda’s creations have simple lines, providing nature a canvas on which to add its own variations of color and tone in combination with her creative direction.  Linda  inspired by the idea that although her knowledge and skill can take a piece to a certain level, there is a level beyond that is left to other powers. Science, faith, luck, karma… sometimes all, sometimes none, adds to a piece that can be forgettable or can instantly etch a magic that is palpable and memorable. Linda’s motivation for being an artist is taken directly from the words of Pablo Picasso: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.Linda’s work is meditative, dusts her soul, and it Linda’s hope that people who see it are transported away for just a moment in time.








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