Moira has lived in Kelowna since 1990 with her husband and now grown children. Her primary career for the past 29 years is that of a veterinarian. Since childhood, she has had an active imagination and loves to create. Painting did not become a passion until the last few years. She is self-taught for the most part with a few private beginner classes for learning various techniques used with acrylic paints. At this early stage in her secondary career as an artist, Moira’s style is one that has been described as whimsical, colorful, playful, fun, and unique. “Makes me smile” is a comment said by many! The images that she creates are purely from her imagination, having been a creative doodler for most of her life, and animals form a large part of her inspiration. Moira’s goal with her art is for each piece to grab the viewer’s attention with vibrant colors and unique style. She wants her art to “pop” from the wall and not to blend into the surroundings.

Each painting has several layers of background beneath the final image, including texturing techniques such as collage, all of which create more depth and interest to the painting.



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