Tinyan Chan’s unique painting style combines a compelling blend of Western and Asian aesthetics.  His energetic , impressionistic style, and fearless use of brilliant colour, reflect the diverse cultural influences in his life.

Whether he is painting a Hong Kong  scene, where the harbor lights weave together to create a symphony of lights, colours and shadows,  or the magic of a snowy Canadian landscape, Chan scatters lively and undisciplined patches of brilliant colour throughout his compositions.

Born in China in 1942, Tinyan is renowned in his native land for his masterful depictions of water scenes, woodland scenes and florals in both watercolour and oil.  He was honoured in 2012 with a “Life Retrospective” – a 100 Piece Exhibition” in Guangzhou province, as well as receiving a civic award.

Over the course of his career, Tinyan Chan has received numerous awards and medals for his art.  A member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, in 1983 he was granted the title of Senior Member, earning him the designation of S.F.C.A.

Tinyan has studied at several prestigious art academies, including “L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts” in France. 

In 1968, Tinyan Chan immigrated to Canada and he now lives in the Vancouver area of British Columbia.


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