Vance Theoret is a stone carver of Mohawk/Metis descent.  He has been working in stone, primarily soapstone and alabaster, for more than thirty years. 

Although he carves a large selection of different wild animals and birds, the bear has always, and continues to be, his favorite subject.  Using a direct carving method, Vance allows the shapes suggested by the stone, to guide his carving.  “I let the stone tell me what it wants to be.”  In this manner, the pieces that Vance carves seem to not only have a life of their own, but also to showcase the real star…. the stone itself.

Vance’s work has been widely collected and is in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

At the “Calgary Stampede Art Show” in 2014, Theoret’s work was honoured with the “Best in 3-D Art Award”.

Exhibiting in a number of Canadian art galleries, Vance Theoret makes his home in the 100 Mile area of British Columbia.


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