Native painter of Clermont in Charlevoix, Christian Bergeron already has forty years of experience in painting. His paintings are now hanging in the finest collections, private or corporate, from coast to coast in Canada. The United States and several European countries, his paintings also illuminate the walls of the greatest amateurs and current figurative art connoisseurs.

Christian Bergeron has not arrived there by a magic wand.The route he followed was long, difficult, sometimes, for many of us, it would have seemed almost impassable.

But with determination all the time, he continued his journey one step at a time, until the end to bring us the finest images possible. Christian Bergeron deserves what happens to him, whatever his detractors. With his keen sense of observation and, above all, his ardent desire to learn, he has enriched his raw and natural talent, throughout his journey. Even today it is exploring new avenues.

When Christian invests all his experience in his paintings, he knows that these are collectors who one day will benefit. To him, no matter what happens, he loves what he does and that’s fine.

Christian Bergeron bothers many people because it occupies a larger and larger in the middle.Hate it, we envy him because everything seems so easy. Is unfamiliar with the man who impregnates the wonderful paintings exhibited in his Studio. Yes, he saw his skills and he remains well. It should be noted that Art also benefits from creativity and imagination. 

Christian Bergeron continues to amaze and surprise us. Those who have followed his career closely over the last twenty years, are amazed at the progress he has made. Its colors are bright and clean, its contrasts and lights are more grandiose, his compositions form of brilliant objects of admiration. Insatiable autodidact, he likened his trade in contact with the great painters of Quebec Francesco Iacurto, Léo Ayotte, René Richard. Where some saw competition, Christian Bergeron was there, his most serious teachers. And the lessons he has learned you can be sure.

Oil acrylic, brushes the Christian today spatula painted with disconcerting ease for the layman.We can not rely on that first impression by forgetting the long hours he spent at his easel to explore, and try to practice his profession in all facets as possible.

Each of the traits that draws on the canvas, every move he makes on the canvas and every move he wears with his spatula comes together elegantly to create rooms full of emotions.

How many Quebec artists were approached by master Francesco Iacurto arc as a model?Francesco Iacurto painted Christian Bergeron on the ground because he considered as one of the best representatives from Québec. He wanted to add to his own collection of portraits of great Canadian painters. It is a tribute which Christian Bergeron retains most admirable memories.

Yes, Christian Bergeron won the respect of his teachers. His love of art, beauty and aesthetics led him to where he is. Christian Bergeron is all that a painter should be; sensitive extremist who knows how to be impetuous when needed. It knows no half measures.

Christian Bergeron is also impulsive. It uses the energy of his explosive temperament to create paintings more impressive. For him, all the themes are good. Quebec landscapes and traditional houses alongside the Marines and against the light shining. Add to this, recently, the more contemporary side or Christian Bergeron played in his paintings, with shades in a masterly manner.

It benefits all aspects of their creative freedom to share his vision of our homeland. We feel in recent modern scenes that we present, the intensity of his journey. In these tables, it fully utilizes its control of light and color.




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