Artist Statement: The Canadian Landscape has greatly influenced my work as an artist. I went to school for forestry and loved working in the remote northern forests. It brought me closer to my passion of spending time in nature. I receive so much from being outdoors, for me the voice of nature is always encouraging. Our Canadian land is about resilience, survival and this moment. I attempt to convey this in my paintings, I want to extract the beauty, story and spirit of the landscape.

Being creative has always been a part of life. I operated a photography/art studio for 19 years in the Peace River area. I was a wedding photographer on weekends and artist during the week. I
started taking fine art classes where I was introduced to printmaking, fine art photography, drawing and painting. My career as an artist started unfolding and I took part in group and solo shows throughout Alberta. Recently I have moved with my family to St. Albert, Alberta where I work full time as an artist.

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