Sandra was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has lived in various parts of Canada.  Having resided in British Columbia since 1991, initially on the West Coast and now making her home in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Sandra is continually inspired by the diversity and beauty of the Canadian landscape.  She began to explore her love of painting in 2001 through workshops and as a student in the Fine Arts department of UBC Okanagan although she is primarily self-taught.

Sandra’s paintings refelct her interpretation of the relationships she observes in nature.  When she looks at trees for example, she sees not only the trees but the spaces between them and the way they relate to each other and other aspects of the landscape.  To Sandra, nature mirrors and reflects universally experienced emotions such as joy, solitude, connection and disconnection.  She attempts to capture the essence of these relationships in her paintings.  Sandra loves to paint on a large scale, using bold color and dramatic composition.

Sandra’s paintings are held in private and corporate collections in Canada and internationally.



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